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List of Places to Complain Officially Bond Calculator
The most convenient bond calculator I have found online. It handles coupon, yield (to maturity or call?), current price, and date of maturity or call. Enter the parameters you have, and it will compute the one you are missing. Java applet.

Morningstar Bond Calculator
It allows you to enter an exact termination date, but be careful when using it for short maturities; in my experience, it can be way off. JavaScript. It also includes a link to their taxable-equivalent calculator for munis.

MSCI Equity Indexes
The current or future value of many funds and other securities is related to values of indexes such as the MSCI EAFE index, but it's sometimes hard to find their current value and historical behavior. This page belonging to Morgan Stanley provides much useful information.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York - Historical Discount and Fed Funds Rates
Useful to help you try to guess the likelihood of a security's being called.

Barron's List of Key Money Rates
Includes the Broker Call and Prime Rates, which are useful for deciphering the brokers' published margin rates, and some LIBOR rates, which are useful for calculating the yield on many variable debt instruments. Rates and Bonds
More tables of rates and yields. Includes a graph of the Treasury yield curve.

Quotes from CBS MarketWatch:
A free public quote service which includes the most recent announced ex-dividend date.
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